About Nelli

Specialising in the Medical Devices sector in QA & RA Recruitment.

​I’m Nelli Siebert, a Principal Consultant currently recruiting in Central Germany. 

​I have 5 years experience, recruiting the following skill sets: Medical Devices for QA & RA, central Germany.

​I’m passionate about the QA & RA Medical Device sector in the center of Germany, and make it my business to know everyone within it. It means I can deliver access to the whole market and connect you with the right person to progress your business and your career.

​If you’d like to connect with me and get involved in my Medical DeviceQA & RA community then reach out for a chat today. 

Work with Nelli

​I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nelli for helping us considerably in the past year with the placement of a freelance expert in the field of QM/RA. As you know, the current regulatory requirements put all companies in the medical device industry under considerable pressure to act. Processes have to be adapted, procedures have to be reorganised according to regulatory requirements and documentation has to be supplemented or newly developed to a considerable extent. For these probably only temporary requirements, small and medium-sized companies, such as ours, cannot always maintain their own know-how and manpower. At the end of 2020, we were faced with the task of fundamentally revising our TD. However, existing resources here in the company were tied up by day-to-day business and, in addition, specialist knowledge was required, which we did not have sufficiently in our organisation: thus a classic project for interim support. Through regular newsletter contacts, I was familiar with AustinVita as a service provider in the area of finding freelance interim staff in the life sciences sector. The first contact was very pleasant, you were quickly able to present us with two possible candidates to choose from for the task described, of which we decided on one. The contractual process was simple and largely digital, so that we were ready to work within a few weeks. I would contact Austin Vita again in a similar situation and can recommend it to other colleagues.

Managing Director
Raguse Gesellschaft für medizinische Produkte mbH
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