Talent shortage: stop losing great candidates to your competitors

Insights>Talent shortage: stop losing great candidates to your competitors
Austin Vita
Jan 29, 2024

Ever since the beginning of Covid-19, the global job market has faced a talent crisis on a scale we’ve never seen before. And it doesn’t seem like it’ll be going away anytime soon!

With the growth of the med tech industry and consequent increase in required workforce, you may need to reshape your hiring process and improve candidate experience to be able to attract, and most importantly retain, talent. 


​“For talented individuals, in high-demand industries like tech, we’re seeing a lot of movement [...] There’s now a greater ability for people to fit work into their lives, instead of having lives that squeeze into their work.”
Anthony Klotz


We’ve picked the brains of our industry experts to give you an exclusive insight into creating great candidate experiences, so you can beat the competition in the race for excellent talent!

1. Offer more transparency in your job descriptions

When you start the hiring process by being 100% honest, you’re helping build trust and confidence in your company. Making small, meaningful changes to the way you advertise jobs can help you attract more applicants. 

Start by swapping “competitive salary” with a pay range. Withholding salaries may discourage applicants from asking for better pay, particularly women and people of colour. Research shows that salary transparency can help reduce the gender pay gap by up to 50%. This will not only help you attract more candidates, but also a more diverse workforce. 

2. Offer remote working to take advantage of the global talent pool 

The rise of remote working means that candidates are more likely to search for jobs on a global scale without having to relocate, creating opportunities for so many hiring managers struggling to find talent locally. So how can YOU tap into the talent pool across the world?


“Once businesses settle on whether they’ll be hybrid, in-person or fully remote going forward, we’ll see more people moving based on their work-life balance.”


Offer remote working and widen your search - identify countries that are known to have excellent talent in the med tech industry to attract international candidates. This will help you in not only filling in the position but also incite diversity within your company. We’ve already done the leg work and identified thousands of candidates worldwide that are open to remote and hybrid working! Drop us a message if you need a helping hand!

3. Create a better candidate experience

Having an inefficient interview process and requiring multiple meetings with a candidate can hinder their experience with you. Chances are they may already be considering a number of different opportunities at the same time, so it’s extremely important for you to be time efficient, otherwise you may miss out on excellent talent if you set too many interview stages.

Added bonus? By condensing your interview process, you have an opportunity to reduce recruitment costs and save your company some money! 

Part of our service is the initial screening and qualifying of all applicants to make sure that only those with the most suitable skill set and experience are presented back to you. To maximise their experience with your company, we suggest a maximum 2-stage interview with the selected candidates

  • an initial virtual one, where you can get to know them and discuss their experience as well as career expectations, and if successful, 

  • an on-site meeting that includes team introductions and premises tour.

If an in-person meeting isn’t possible, you can still introduce your team virtually and give the candidate a general feel of your company culture.

4. Find and connect with exclusive candidates

While job board platforms, such as LinkedIn, may be handy for some in-house recruiting, it’s a common occurrence that candidates don't keep their profiles up to date, or even have an active profile.

Many med tech professionals, especially those at the top of their game, will often exclusively work with specialised headhunters to find the most tailored, high quality opportunities. What’s more, some candidates are only interested in vacancies that are not available to the public.

“The secret job market is a big thing and creates immense interest.”
Michael van der Piepen, Senior Consultant at Austin Vita


That’s why we’ve spent years creating our own networks and built strong relationships with many professionals, so it’s easier than ever for you to take advantage of our talent pool. To take advantage, submit your vacancy with us today!

5. Hire a contractor as a short-term solution

When it comes to finding the right talent, you may have to accept that it will take some time to find the right person for the role. Or maybe you already found someone, but their notice period is 3 months. Nevertheless, deadlines have to be met and projects delivered, so what are your options?

If you’re in dire need of short-term workforce, consider hiring a contractor.

One of the biggest benefits of using freelancers, apart from their expert knowledge and skill set, is the fact that in some/most cases they can be available within 48 hour notice! You can use their services as a temporary solution to ensure your projects are still being delivered while you search for a permanent hire.

We have a number of experienced recruiters who specialise in managing contractors within the med tech industry, so it’s easier than ever to get your projects over the line with limited resources! Take advantage of our talent pool and connect with one of our expert recruiters right here.

Finding the best med tech talent is our bread and butter, so let us help you save time and resources and drop us a message to discuss your search for YOUR perfect candidate.